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Our Work

Immunotherapy includes strategies to enhance immune cell activation in patients to
better target cancers, as well as cell-based therapies where patients receive
genetically modified immune cells targeting cancer cells. To further broaden the use of
immunotherapies for cancers, Cellmover currently focuses on two main strategies to
increase presence of active lymphocytes in the tumors.


Delivery of therapeutic modules to the interior of immune cells

Cellmover has developed a library of peptides and nanobodies directed at intracellular proteins in T cells and NK cells. By targeting these proteins, the peptides and nanobodies mediate increased survival and persistence of immune cells within the tumor microenvironment. The products primarily function within the tumor microenvironment.


Improved homing of lymphocytes to tumors

Cellmover develops strategies aimed at increasing homing of therapeutic immune cells to tumors through genetical engineering approaches.

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