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01.05.2024: Cellmover joins ShareLab

Cellmover is moving into the vibrant incubator ShareLab at Oslo Science Park🚀

Marit Inngjerdingen, CEO of Cellmover: “We are excited to become a part of the ShareLab family. This marks a milestone for our company. Our ShareLab membership enables us to accelerate our R&D, open new opportunities for collaboration, and strengthen our mission to develop cancer immunotherapies.”

Marius Øgaard, co-founder of ShareLab, commented: “Cellmover’s management team is highly competent and possesses rock-solid experience in both science and business. They also have cutting-edge ideas about curing cancer. As a team launching a new deep tech startup, they’re ‘the Right Stuff’, and we are super happy to have them on board at ShareLab!”

09.04.2024: We are hiring!

🔬 Join the Cellmover Team! Are you passionate about advancing innovative therapies? We're hiring! Apply now to be part of our journey developing novel cancer therapeutics.

Please send an application letter with your CV to: or apply via or LinkedIn: 
Click here for more information about the position and how to apply via

Click here for more information about the position and how to apply via LinkedIn

Deadline: 30.04.2024


01.03.2024: New webside launch

Check out our new website - find more information about our projects and stay updated on Cellmover news. 


04.02.2024: The International Cancer Day

Cellmover was profiled by the Norwegian Research Council in connection with the International Cancer Day:

Visste du at det i Norge er over 316 000 personer som har kreft eller har hatt kreft? Og at før fylte 80 år har rundt 4 av 10 nordmenn fått minst én kreftdiagnose? I dag markeres FNs internasjonale kreftdag.

💙 Fordi det forskes på kreft, overlever 3 av 4 som får kreft i Norge. Det er dobbelt så mange som for 50 år siden.

Vi i Forskningsrådet har i perioden 2017-2022 gitt 1,5 milliarder i finansiering til norske aktører som forsker på kreft. Noen av disse er bedriftene PubGene ASCellmover og EXACT Therapeutics. Hør dem fortelle med egne ord hvilken nytteverdi deres forskning har for norske kreftpasienter.

#verdenskreftdag #idekraftverdentrenger #kreftforskning

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